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DIY Dog Enrichment Activities - Muffin Tin Game

  • Made in under 5 minutes

  • Out-of-household items you already have

  • Stimulate, entertain, and engage your dog

  • Great for inclement weather days when you can’t get out for a walk

  • Fun scenting game for your dog since he/she will have to use their nose to determine where the treats are

What you need:

  • Muffin tin

  • Treats/Kibble

  • Different size balls or toys


Step 1: Grab your muffin tin

Step 2: Place treats/kibble into the holes (not every hole needs a treat)

Step 3: Place a toy or ball into each of the holes

Step 4: Give to your dog and watch them figure out how to get the treats/kibble under the toys/balls


  • Supervise carefully

  • Make sure the balls/toys are not choke hazards for your dog

  • It can also be used in place of a slow-feeder bowl

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