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What is a Snuffle Ball?

A Snuffle Ball is typically a ball composed of fabric scraps. The scraps are secured together tightly to create the perfect hiding spots for multiple treats or food. The dog is then challenged to sniff out and release the treats from the Snuffle Ball while rolling it around and or pulling out the fabric pieces.

Why are Snuffle Balls good for dogs?

Most dogs love sniffing and food. The Snuffle Ball combines both of these in a challenging food puzzle. This provides mental and physical stimulation, and can even help slow down a fast eater. Snuffle Balls also satisfy their natural instinct to forage for food.

Do Snuffle Balls/Mats calm dogs?

If your dog has too much energy, the Snuffle Ball/Mat will definitely come in handy. One of the benefits of a snuffle mat is that it helps calm down your overly excited fur baby by providing mental stimulation.

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