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What is a Lick Mat?

What is a Lick Mat?

A Lick Mat is a grooved mat that encourages dogs to lick them, and what is on them. Most have a pattern and other textured surfaces that create a maze which helps to lick the food in place for the dog to actively lick.

Why are Lick Mats good for dogs?

Lick Mats alleviate stress and create mental stimulation for dogs if their exercise is limited or if physical exercise doesn’t tire them out enough.They can be calming, as repeated licking has been proven to release endorphins (feel good hormones). Lick Mats also encourage healthy teeth and gums. They can be useful to reinforce activities such as grooming, bath time and nail trimming by providing distraction during anxious times.

Top 10 Things to Put on a Lick Mat for Dogs

  • Peanut Butter (no xylitol)

  • Yogurt (0% fat is best and Plain with no sweeteners)

  • Minced Meat (raw or microwaved to get juices out)

  • Sardines

  • Cream Cheese

  • Natural fruit or veggie purees

  • Hydrated kibble

PRO TIP **** Freeze for longer lasting fun****

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